Harald Psaridis’ core theme is Net Worth Marketing Leadership, in which he links the laws of success in network marketing with his well-known development programme for managers: ‘Frontline Leadership’. This is how he develops genuine leaders who guide their teams and businesses ‘from the front’ rather than remain in a purely strategic position. That’s because a true management personality plays an active role in developing the company and its employees (those assigned to him or her) leading people by serving as a role model, which motivates them to do the same. This is also one of the factors for success in network marketing, a sector in which Harald Psaridis himself, a ‘primus inter pares’, can point to a long and powerful success story as a top management figure. He has proven: Net Worth Marketing – it's worth it!

“Net Worth Marketing is a person-to-person business that makes both parties successful.
Only reliable networks generate high profits: with respect, well-trained business partners and outstanding leadership.’ – Harald Psaridis

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