Learn how to:

Step 1 Selfleadership:
Before you lead others you have to be able to lead yourself.
Intrapersonal intelligence is learnable.

Step 2 Recruiting:
Good leaders win their team personally.
Learn to ask the right questions, the crucial is not in the CV.

Step 3 Onboarding:
On-board fetch is chefsache.
Harald Psaridis shows you how to do it right and spur good forces to peak performance.

Step 4 Staff management:
Learn how a leader leads the individual seller to success.
There are some capitale errors that you should know. And nine rules that are worth the money.

Step 5 Team Leadership:
How does a Leader develop high-performance teams and sustainable economic growth?
Frontline Leadership generates suction rather than pressure. How this works, Harald Psaridis would like to show you.

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