Harald Psaridis

The man from practice: passionate, powerful, compelling

Growing up in Vienna as a Greek guest worker, Psaridis first learned a teaching profession. Besides, he was self-employed in the financial services sector. Since 1988 he has been a self-employed entrepreneur - he studied at Anthony Robbins University and the Danube University of Krems - and during this time he established the sales structure of one of the leading European financial groups. He has advised around 100,000 clients from his company and the 300 executives and 2,500 employees he trained - the total value of the transacted transactions: over EUR 5.5 billion

With the same passion and joy with which he has made it one of the most successful leaders, he now shares his knowledge and experience in lectures, seminars and coaching sessions.

In 2010 Harald Psaridis founded the "Leadership Company" with the clear goal of "developing" and empowering executives and sellers and optimizing their results.

The "People & Skills Discover", also founded in 2010, makes "Sales Talents Visible" with unique tools worldwide. Through the newly established "Finanzschule", he and Gerald Hörhan ("The Investment Punk") provide a revolutionary transparent financial knowledge - understandable and practicable for everyone.

Speaker, Trainer, Leadership-Expert

More sales and success through someone who has made it.

Harald Psaridis has built up one of the leading European financial services providers in 22 years:


  • More than 10,000 inquiries

  • Over 300 leaderships developed and reliable

  • With his 2,500 distributors

  • About 100,000 customers consulting

  • With a total total of eur 5.5 million euros

The secret of his success: leading instead of managing.

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