Net Worth Marketing Leadership – The Seminars

In addition to field expertise, the focus for true leaders is upon genuine personal and social skills. With Net Worth Marketing Leadership seminars by Harald Psaridis, you have the opportunity to broaden and strengthen your leadership skills. Strategies, methods and techniques for the effective leadership of business partners will prepare your for the personal, strategic and organisational challenges that leadership involves.

‘You can read a book, but someone who’s been through a seminar like this and has experienced it for
him- or hersehf will never forget it.’ – Seminar participant.

All Of The Skills For Your Net Worth Marketing Business

You can book all of the topics in the Net Worth Marketing System as a day-long seminar for your business.
Core topics:


If you want to lead others, you have to be able to lead yourself first. The seminar on the topic: The resolve it takes to implement things can be learned.

  • Transforming fears and worries into courage and action
  • Overcoming complacency and false expectations
  • Transforming plans into results


Good Frontline Leaders earn their teams personally. In the seminar, you will learn:

  • 55 ways to generate new leads
  • How to successfully arrange for appointments via SMS or telephone
  • How to conduct an exhilarating first interview with the right candidates
  • How to organise an exciting business-information event
  • How to identify the right future leaders and win them over for your team


Preventing fluctuation and producing the first successes with new marketers.

  • The most important phases are the first 14 days, 6 weeks and 6 months.
    How never to lose a new partner and lead him or her to top results.


Working as a coach and leader to help make your marketers succeed.

  • Empowering business partners to make them successful duplicators
  • Regular training, activating and coaching are the key to success
  • There are some major mistakes that you should know about (and avoid in future), and nine rules that it pays to follow.


One Team – One Dream! How does a Worth Marketing Leader develop high-performing teams where business partners work together to create sustained sales growth? The Net Worth Marketing System generates an attraction, not pressure

Net Worth Marketing Leadership: Seminars With Passion

‘Together with my professional team, we transform your network marketing & direct sales into a Net Worth Marketing success story!’ – Harald Psaridis

Harald Psaridis is the founder and CEO of the ‘Leadership Company’, which relies on European clients, and Raise & Results, Inc. for all U.S.,Canadian and Asian companies and individual clients in network marketing and financial marketing. You, too, can benefit from three decades of experience and improve your results, quality and sustainability. Here you can read some of the enthusiastic testimonials by clients who have attended the seminars!

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