Frontline Leadership


Net Worth Marketing is always ‘H2H’, is always ‘Human to Human’, always a transaction from person to person. So the leader is called upon even more: Because more than in any other industry, the leader must develop, prove and make daily use of his or her true human leadership skills. He or she must be close to the market and close to the people at all times, approachable within his or her own company, and close to own employees and business partners. That is what makes outstanding leadership skills an absolute necessity! Skills of the kind created and developed by the Frontline Leadership System by Harald Psaridis.

Leadership Is So Much More Than Management

Managers manage things, set goals and control people with a lot of pressure. Leaders in network marketing lead people! Leaders have a lot of personal experience from a successful practice. They have done everything they expect from their business partners. Show, train, train and develop their Network Marketer.

‘You can not manage people through a dark forest,
you can only lead them through the forest!’ – Harald Psaridis.


Net Worth Marketing Leaders Walk Their Talk!

Frontline leadership is faster, more progressive and more successful than any other leadership system that has existed in the past. Executives focus on their employees. Rather than performing administrative tasks, they lead their people proactively. Through this probative model, leaders create a draw that boosts employees’ cohesion and motivation enormously.

‘Net Worth Marketing is business from person to person! In combination with Frontline Leadership,
you get measurable and extraordinarily good results!’ – Harald Psaridis.

Particularly in direct marketing and network marketing companies, there major difference can be discerned between management and leadership. Management organises the back office, is in charge of administration. But real Net Worth Marketing Leaders lead their marketers. Managers work with processes, models, systems – with things. Managers plan, organise, check – they ‘lead’ figures, data and facts.

Net Worth Marketing Leaders, on the other hand, empower people by training, coaching and activating their business partners, . That is how they bring about results. They inspire people, can deal with emotions and, most importantly, they lead by example. Their practical experience, their skills based on the Frontline Leadership Method and their personal actions yield them the acceptance and respect of their executives and business partners.

‘Management is doing things right,
leadership is doing the right things.’ (Warren Bennis)

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