Harald Psaridis  is a motivating lecture speaker and in-house trainer of network marketing companies who want to massively drive their sales all over the world.

Having grown up in Vienna as a child of a Greek immigrant, Harald Psaridis has worked himself upwards on his own. At first he completed an apprenticeship in the catering industry, where he became a manager. In 1988, he became a successful entrepreneur in the financial services industry. At the same time, he studied at the Danube University Krems and trained himself among others. Also with Antony Robbins.

The sales he founded developed into one of the leading European network marketing companies in the financial sector. As a speaker, lecture speaker, coach and book author, Harald Psaridis today, as the Net Worth Marketing Leader, passes on his knowledge from the management of network marketing companies to others.

The Net Worth Marketing Leader

Harald Psaridis has built one of the largest networks in Europe in his industry. He has worked hard for all his knowledge, skills and abilities. No blah blah, just pure facts!