Harald Psaridis – charismatic keynote speaker

Do you want to upgrade your Net Worth Marketing business? Combine expertise with long-lasting motivation? Then book Harald Psaridis as a motivational speaker for your company or kick-off event! Here are just a few lecture topics from which you can choose:


Drawing on his own practice (he has conducted itself over 10,000 personal interviews with direct prospects and built the largest organization in Europe in his network), Harald Psaridis shows how he accomplished this, and how the best network marketers in the world have gained and empowered the ideal business partners.

Here, everyone finds out WHICH the best – never-ending – PATHS OF ACCESS are to new business partners (55 different avenues with guaranteed success), both OFFLINE as well as ONLINE.


What the secret of a ‘Fast Start’ is, and how you can build up more than 200 new business partners with just a starter in only 4 weeks’ time.

The factors that go to make up a business opening, and why, particularly in service networks, this is the silver bullet at the beginning.

How a fresh starter becomes a High Performance Leader und Multiplier within 6 months.


Only 10% of the people in the world are born with enough power to carry through with everything they undertake. Most of the remaining 90% want to succeed, too, but the promising things they begin ultimately remain unfinished. Usually know what they should do but usually fail to do it… With this in mind, this lecture is about three important issues:

    • Your physical body state: if you don’t have a healthy & fit body and the capacity to maximize your health, energy & vitality – all the money, career success will be worthless.
    • Your mind set & power of action: Anyone can learn how to take negative thoughts and emotions and transform them into useful and beneficial ones. The power of imagination, and misconceptions, can impede success – but everyone can become an enacter of ideas!
  • Your skills: It is not enough to be motivated. These highly important skills are a required part of lasting success in Net Worth Marketing.

Lecturers For Net Worth Marketers

The ideas and emotional-motivational lectures Harald Psaridis offers about the Net Worth Marketing System tansform your business from ‘pressuring & pressure’ to ‘momentum & fun’. Choose from among the topics above – or describe to Harald Psaridis what you’re looking for: All of the keynotes and lectures are individually adapted to your personal needs as a team leader or business owner. What’s more: Each of the topics within the Net Worth Marketing System can be booked in the form of 30- to 90-minute lectures.

Enquiries and bookings are and readily available through Harald Psaridis:
Telephone number: +43 664 30 10 362

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