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Harald Psaridis’ YouTube Video Channel

On Harald Psaridis’ YouTube channel on network marketing and leadership, it’s all about how you can successfully build a business in Net Worth Marketing.

‘It’s not the wind that determines where people sail; it’s always the sails they set.’ – this slogan has accompanied Harald Psaridis over more than 30 years of his life.

Over the past 30 years, he has built up one of the most successful companies for network marketing and financial services in Europe – one of the toughest sectors of the world. In his video blog, he shares all of this experience gained in these 30 years.

This covers lots of ground, but there are a few mega-levers, a few essential things that you need to know to successfully build a network or direct sales operation. First, you need to know:

1. How do you get the right employees, the right business partners? After all, they’re the key to success. Where will you find them today? The business of recruiting successful people is completely different today.

2. What’s the right way to carry out onboarding? How do I empower, school, wow newcomers to my network marketing team? After all, most people quit again during the first few weeks after saying: this is not how I imagined it would be.
How to have a reasonable orientation programme; the importance of the first 14 days, the first six weeks, and the first six months, and exactly what needs to be done here: you’ll learn that from me here.

3. And how can I coach, develop, train the individual Net Worth Marketer in my downline to make him or her a top-notcher? Today, it’s not enough simply to appeal to people; it’s not enough simply to monitor them. Instead, it’s much more important to empower them, to train them, to coach and develop them to promote and bring out a person’s genuine potential.

4. Last but not least, we need to develop a powerful team consisting of a group of lone fighters, individuals, a top team for net marketing team, a top team for direct sales.

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