What are enthusiastic customers saying about Net Worth Marketing Leadership,
Harald Psaridis and the Frontline Leadership System?
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“We are thankful to have Harald Psaridis as our coach, because he is one of the few experts in our business who has proven his expertise and know-how during his long lasting career. He is a real leader, Harald Psaridis demonstrates his competence in all aspects of his personality – and he is gifted with the ability to inspire people. In his leadership workshops Harald Psaridis helps us to improve our management and business skills, he teaches our business-partners that continually improving and lifetime learning are essential keys to success.
Harald Psaridis’ leadership workshops exceeded our expectations, already after a few workshops our business is sustainably growing and our opportunities are increasing. I personally recommend him and anybody who has the willingness to change and to go straight forward will find in Mr. Psaridis the perfect coach. Thank you Harald!”

Michael Kottnig

CEO & Managing Director, Vion GmbH

“Harald Psaridis is a true mentor of many of us. Since we started our startup 18 month ago he leads our team to be outstanding in the swiss financial market. As a real teamworker he leads our sales team in every time of the year to get results they never dreamed about before. I can truly say, without Harald Psaridis we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Daniel Hamze

CEO & Founder, Combinvest AG

‘The leadership sequences were a huge success in my sales territory. From a sheer inexhaustible buffet full of experience, Harald Psaridis accomplished the extraordinary, bringing a sharp tongue and wit to the task of making all of this clear and understandable. Harald Psaridis is pleasantly uncomfortable when it comes to detecting an ‘absence of sweat’ in implementing projects or pointing out understandable opportunities in the recruitment and onboarding process. My entrepreneurs were extremely appreciative that Harald Psaridis presented himself as a genuine leader and demonstrated the force it takes to get things done. In my many years of sales experience I have never seen a seminar that triggered such a major, lasting and positive jolt that was felt through an entire organisation. Harald Psaridis accomplished this! During the personal coaching days, I was able to adopt lots of additional inputs and consolidate and build upon my leader qualities. All the insights I gained will accompany me in my future actions. Thank you, Harald!’

Peter K. Gärtner

Head Sales Area Bern / Member of the Management, Zurich Switzerland, Zurich Versicherung Schweiz

‘Dear Mr. Harald Psaridis, I want to thank you very, very much for the two wonderful seminar days with you! Over the past 25 years of my sales career, I have had many opportunities to visit countless seminars that seemed important to me. I’ve had the chance to get to know and appreciate quite a few very good trainers, coaches and mentors, people who helped me become the person I am today. But never before had I felt, as I did in your seminar, ‘Finding employees and keeping them’, the kind of enthusiasm and passion with which you passed along your own personal and highly successful experiences, tools and practices, in an authentic and emotional way. It was incredibly rewarding for me, and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to benefit from your tremendous wealth of experience. It will be my pleasure if I am able to pay forward the things I have received from you.’

Wilhelm Fetscher

Managing Director & Owner , RE/MAX Donau-City-Immobilien Fetscher & Partner KG

‘Harald Psaridis completely ignited my talent and my passion for the people and the topic of sales in me; I learned that I myself am responsible for achieving my goals and positive experiences. For Harald Psaridis, placing the focus on the human being is not lip service. What he accomplished is to make my vision an event, thanks to a target and time orientation – not in my role as a manager, but as a leader. My success rates in the areas of leading, recruiting, sales and target achievement have increased enormously. The coaching content and comments of Harald Psaridis accompany me not only in my notes, but in my daily actions and accomplishments – the next appointments are booked!’

Christian Furrer

General Manager / Member of the Management, Basler Versicherung Schweiz

‘Harald Psaridis inspired not just me but all of guests who were on hand at the GSA Chapter Switzerland. The feedback from participants is the same across the board: Brilliant speaker! In gripping terms, and with lots of Austrian charm, he openly, honestly and directly presents his own personal lows and maximum successes. He shows how you can be ‘sold out’ within a few months’ time. I was deeply impressed with his open and honest attitude, his professional and incredibly fast speed of execution. After an encounter with Harald Psaridis, you want to take what you’ve heard and immediately put it to practice, because you know it works.’

Bruno Erni

President , GSA Chapter Swiss & Keynote-Speaker

‘On behalf of all the participants, I’d like to thank you very much indeed for the professional coaching of my 16 brokerage managers. The training programme scheduled for 6 x 2 days had an excellent impact on the activities of my broker managers in many areas. Mr Psaridis, with your advice, you helped each and every participant in his or her specific work environment.

The point on relationship management in the ‘Know Your Customer’ seminar block received very high marks. The emphasis here was upon the ways of approaching the various business partners and achieving successful results. There were lots of tips on how to quickly gain a business partner’s trust. The ‘Presentation Techniques’ seminar was also viewed as very helpful and positive, because broker managers often hold training sessions and presentations, particularly in the financial services area. Particularly the right questioning techniques and call control through targeted questioning is of crucial importance for our broker managers in their discussions with brokers. In this respect, all of my employees learned a great deal from the examples you presented. Even if certain programme points are sometimes not easy to execute for broker managers, because their work is not entirely independent but is to some extent dependent upon constraints and corporate specifications – for instance broker calls only at particular times of day, self-generated presentations that are not approved by Marketing … – the contents of all of the seminar blocks were selected in such a way that every employee will profit in future from them: from topics such as networking, network maintenance (including social media), self-management and self-motivation. We are convinced that the investment in this seminar series will decisively boost the success of each and every broker manager in future. Thank you very much indeed! ’

Akad.Vkfm. Alexander Brenner

UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG, LD Vienna, Regional Broker Management

Akad.Vkfm. Alexander Brenner

LD Vienna, Regional Broker Management, UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG

‘You can only ignite a fire in others if it is also burning in you’ (Augustine). The intensive seminar on ‘Network Excellence’ surprised participants from the first minute. Right from the outset, you managed to capture the complex operations of interactive communication between financial service providers and insurance companies in clear and understandable messages. The enthusiasm that you demonstrate as a speaker captivated EVERYONE – myself included. As one of the leading European insurance groups, we always face the challenge of communicating our strategic topics to the employees in clear and simple terms. Network excellence was a rousing seminar – thanks to your professionalism, it was able to unleash a change process among us. The seminar showed us how this communication of the highest quality can occur. All of the seminar content – from ‘Know Your Customer’ through to ‘Leadership Skills’ – showed us that you yourself have been living these principles in your own career. Thank you very much indeed for an extraordinary two days!’

Alexander Neubauer

Sales Manager, HELVETIA Versicherung Österreich

‘Even a speaker you’ve known for more than 20 years can surprise you. Known as competent, consistent, determined, experienced, reliable and thus trustworthy at all times – not a matter of course in our financial services sector. Having a flame that burns within, evident to all through the glow in his eyes. And always able to start a fire with this flame.

The seminar was multifaceted and on track at all times. In very personal and candid terms, Harald Psaridis presents himself and his career, his highs and his lows. Pulling out all the stops that are only available to such a great extent to a personality with his qualifications. Informing, touching, rousing and lighting the flame his guests need to go out and spark a fire of their own.

With quick pacing and a multi-layered approach, assistance and orientation is provided for personality development. No matter how wide-ranging the group of participants may be in terms of their age, gender, experience, etc., and no matter how different their personal goals – if are exist to begin with – everyone can profit from the seminar.
And Harald Psaridis sets the audience in action, setting them on track to what they are or should be: people who ‘take part’.
The immediate reactions are enthusiastic. But the realisations are even far more valuable. Even two weeks on, the seminar is the topic in people’s minds. Participants are dealing with the content, have the contents present in mind and report on the things they have already been able to do for themselves, and the things they still plan to accomplish.

I have never seen a seminar conclude with so many of those present articulating targets, writing them down and communicating them. This was a success for all those who were there, for Harald Psaridis as speaker, and especially for me, as the initiator.
Dear Harald Psaridis, thank you very much indeed for your support; I look forward to a repeat of our meeting in the next twenty years.’

Herbert Trimmel

Managing Director, FG Finanz Österreich

‘I’ve never seen so much emotion all at once before. Whether you believe it or not. It’s contagious. Many things in my life would have been easier, would have required less effort, if I had gotten to know you 20 years ago. Particularly your tips. Wow, they are actually feasible, and I incorporate the things I’ve learned from you into my own training every day. Particularly in sales, I learned a great deal in that area. And why do I know that the recipients think it’s great, too? They then ask themselves, too; it’s so easy. All you have to do is ask the right questions. Why didn’t I think of that? Don’t create pressure – create an attraction. In my three decades in sales, no one ever told or explained that to me. That is: except for an ‘Austrian who’s temporarily helping out at Zurich’. For instance, there’s one sentence that has stayed with me: “If you then present the customer with the offer you discussed, he’ll love you. Because you’re delivering exactly what he ordered”. That was just one of your many very smart sentences. Thank you.’

Marcel Vogler

Specialist & Sales Trainer, Zurich Versicherung Schweiz

‘Harald Psaridis got the recruiting ball rolling in our team through ‘Leading by Example’. Mr. Psaridis is an important and particularly an integral element in the development of our company. Right from the start, we attach importance to fact-based and practical training for the members of our team. “You can only ignite a fire in others if it is also burning in you”. This sentence is part of his strategy. In the examples and arguments Mr Psaridis puts forth in his seminars as a speaker, you can sense that, with every word, he is not just passing along his knowledge, but that he has experienced and executed every aspect multiple times himself. It created a spirit of optimism for me and the executives in attendance. Because we can use his concepts to carry our vision – “energy must remain affordable, even for people with a small budget; it must not become a luxury” – to every region, faster and more effectively. As we are planning a long-term and practice-based training with Mr Psaridis, we can hand each employee a guarantee of success straight away. We take his in-depth experience – from recruiting and training more than 2,500 sales employees in his own company over the space of 20 years – and pass it along to the team in our own training programme. For our company, this translates into pure growth. Mr. Psaridis furnishes us with the inspiration of his experience, and we put that to practice. The principle is as straightforward as it is clear: Success across the board.
We are delighted every day to have Mr Psaridis on board.’

Matthias Völcks

Sales Manager, Amnis Energie

‘Every trainer’s strength comes through his or her authenticity, and you can see that in Harald Psaridis. He is a goal-oriented executive who puts leadership to practice and is now passing this along in seminars, eBooks, webinars and a book. We both have found a common ‘mentor in Anthony Robbins’; so if you don’t want to travel to the United States and spend thousands of euros, then use the exceptionally professional offer by Harald Psaridis.’

Michael Müller

, Finanzberaterforum Österreich

‘As a top executive, I have had the good fortune to experience the best speakers in the world, such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy and now also Harald Psaridis. From the start, his enthusiasm and his winning personality captivated me. With Harald Psaridis, with every word, you feel that he himself has already tried and carried through with what he is saying, a thousand times. He is the absolutely authentic top presenter!

He is living proof of every topic he addresses: Health: He was a top athlete, and today he is still in better shape than all of the young managers in attendance at his seminar. Finance and expertise: One has the feeling that he was on a customer call the same morning before the seminar. Leadership: He himself built up a company with twelve direct management lines, 15 offices and more than 400 employees. Coach: Harald Psaridis enquires, understands and gives you the impetus to find the right answers or make your next decision. He doesn’t tell you what needs to be done. Better than that, he helps the manager, athlete or performer create the next level on his or her own. Humanity: A family man, with genuine values. He has his big heart in the right place!

If you need a presenter, coach or mentor, for me, Harald Psaridis is in first place. I can name him in the same breath with Anthony Robbins, Jörg Loehr and Brian Tracy!’

Christoph Baerfuss

, ZURICH Versicherung Schweiz

‘As a trained officer and commander with the rank of general, and a former instructor at the oldest military academy in the world, the Theresian Military Academy in Neustadt in Vienna, Harald Psaridis caught my eye among other civilian leaders! He was different! He has the ability to take knowledge and turn it into a practical skill! His talent for transformation is particularly striking. When Harald Psaridis speaks of leadership and trains employees, you sense his passion for the task at hand, his experience at all levels of leadership, and his personal successes, particularly in motivation, in the recruitment interview and in sales.
He is a man of practice who has acquired his knowledge and expertise in his company through personal, responsible action, constantly optimising and comprehensively implementing this with great success. He has gained enormous leadership skills. His style is unmistakable because leadership ethics is a principle for him. This is how he has trained several generations of high-quality, dedicated leaders, bringing great vision to the task of gently leading them to success, even in difficult situations. You can sense that he likes people. The acceptance of the employees he has led, trained and coached attest to his effectiveness and skills as a leadership coach. His secret is keeping his sights set on the context of the career environment at all times. He simply rejects pure theory. His teaching lives from his quick recognition and his highly developed ability to reflect on specific future-oriented developments on the market.
I became acquainted with Harald Psaridis as a natural where leadership is concerned – someone who, like no other, knows how to shape operative frontline leadership in businesses and is exemplary in passing his knowledge and skills along to others. He learned his craft in the private sector from a very young age. You can’t pull the wool over his eyes. His master was life itself. His aim was not merely to survive, but to work his way up to the world’s top class. His successes speak clearly for themselves! Where are his heavyweights, and where the benefits for others? He brings about a clearly measurable and sustained increase in the results of sales employees and their managers.
His distinctive personality is impressively clear:
– In success-based deduction and analysis of a situation!
– In entrepreneurial reason and in the point of view oriented around economic goals!
– In his vivid and expressive language during the lecture!
– In the strong ethics of his character and his dealing with people!
The motto he puts to practice every day: “Follow me to the top!” ‘

Josef Paul Puntigam
Brigadier General (ret.), Former Head of the Austrian Infantry and Ranger School

Josef Paul Puntigam

Brigadier General (ret.), Former Head of the Austrian Infantry and Ranger School

‘Thank you very much for both days.
Never before have I been treated to such a “rich buffet” of inputs on the subject of recruitment and personnel management in such a short time. One notices straight away that you do not ‘theoretically know how it could work’ but instead report from practical experience. You demonstrate this time and again in the exercises with participants.
The themes presented with great emotion and wordplay are not always pleasant, and they pinpoint systemic and personal weaknesses. But you always deliver possible solution approaches to enable everyone to decide for him- or herself what he/she wants to do differently in future.
You certainly moved all of the participants and made them think.
What is actually integrated into everyday work depends on the implementation skills of every individual. For me personally, I drew up a clear task list based on this workshop and now must work my way through it.’

Martin Groeblacher, MBA

Sales Manager AD, Merkur Versicherung AG

‘Thank you very much for the sensational seminar! The participants are enthusiastic and clearly expressed the fact that they want to take the tools given to them and successfully put what they have learned to practice. We will strengthen and actively support our team in this effort. The seminar was a complete success. Now it’s time to stick to it. I wish you a good journey home and look forward to more inspiring seminars with you. Grateful greetings from Switzerland.’

Judith Sommer

, Lyoness Team Swiss

‘Mr. Psaridis has been assisting me as a coach since I began working in financial services. I’ve had the opportunity to experience him live, as a trainer in sales seminars, on countless occasions. He knows what he is talking about, because he has tried and experienced everything he discusses. He is the most authentic coach I know. His approach to seminars is unique and is incredibly motivating. As a coach, he always been there to assist me. He supports, demands and promotes, always with the right words at the right time. Today, I am one of the most successful financial advisers in Austria, and much of what I have accomplished I owe to Mr Psaridis. If you are looking for someone who motivates employees to peak performance, or if you need a coach at your side to push yourself, then I can only recommend Mr Psaridis.’

Andrea Pramhas

Top Financial Advisor , Swiss Life Select - Austria

‘As a leadership coach, Harald Psaridis is unique and unmistakable in his approach. When you listen to him, you realise that he has already repeatedly successfully carried through with everything he is talking about. He has the gift of conveying complex topics in such understandable terms that you are immediately fit for your tasks. As a motivator, he is second to none. Thanks to his vast experience, he can quickly and purposefully broach a topic precisely where potential for upward advancement can be found. He leads people to their goals: likeable, patient, inspiring and understandable. As a “private person”, Harald Psaridis is very closely connected with his family and sport: a healthy mind in a healthy body. ’

Manfres Zechmann

CEO & Founder, ZCommunication