The Success Story


Harald Psaridis’ core theme is Net Worth Marketing Leadership, in which he links the laws of success in network marketing with his well-known development programme for managers: ‘Frontline Leadership’. This is how he develops genuine leaders who guide their teams and businesses ‘from the front’ rather than remain in a purely strategic position. That’s because a true management personality plays an active role in developing the company and its employees (those assigned to him or her) leading people by serving as a role model, which motivates them to do the same. This is also one of the factors for success in network marketing, a sector in which Harald Psaridis himself, a ‘primus inter pares’, can point to a long and powerful success story as a top management figure. He has proven: Net Worth Marketing – it’s worth it!

“Net Worth Marketing is a person-to-person business that makes both parties successful.
Only reliable networks generate high profits: with respect, well-trained business partners and outstanding leadership.’ – Harald Psaridis

Harald Psaridis: the expert for Net Worth Marketing Leadership

As a top manager, he also knows how it’s done: over the course of his career, he has personally conducted more than 10,000 interviews with candidates: with potential business partners. Together with his management staff, he has taken several thousand business partners, grooming them, developing them and leading them to success. With his company, he has managed nearly EUR 6 billion in capital for more than 100,000 clients. Armed with these results, he stormed to a position of prominence in the European market in his field: financial consulting. With this knowledge and these skills, in 2010 Psaridis founded ‘The Leadership Company’ as an institute for advanced education and training for businesses and entrepreneurs, from the field of network marketing and financial services in particular. Since that time, Harald Psaridis – who also graduated from GSA University as the best speaker of his class – has made a name for himself as a successful non-fiction author.

Speaker, trainer and coach, specifically for network marketing companies

Today, as a sought-after speaker, trainer and coach and a consultant with experience in the sector, Harald Psaridis assists companies and managers, specifically in the fields of financial services and network marketing supported as well as Net Worth Marketing in more than 20 countries worldwide. With more than 200 days of appearances each year, Harald Psaridis of one of the best-known speakers in Europe – and increasingly in the US market – when it comes turning network marketing into genuine Net Worth Marketing: generating more revenue and higher margins, leading companies more effectively, genuine leadership, developing true management skills, and gaining and guiding more business partners.